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A new element of modern facility management is the so-called strategic approach: Buildings, the surrounding area and the operational procedures are to be viewed as one. Such a coordination of the facility management process is to reduce costs in the long term.

Facility Management - Full-Service by one provider


Facility Management is a holistic, strategic and lifecycle-related approach to keep buildings and their systems (as well as all the processes related to them) in function and to adjust them to the changing necessities.


The burden of increasing costs forces companies to think about their buildings and the upkeeping expanses, as well as to look for possible economization. Therefore it is necessary for companies to take a look at their costs for buildings and infrastrucure, rationalizing by letting a professional facility management provider take care of real estate and property.


Optimizing in the long run

A professional facility manager optimizes the business, its profitability, commercialization and long-term maintaining of value of the property and all their facilities. This includes regulation of business with the goal of a long-term earnings increase, raise of quality and maintainance of value for the owner, the user and the client.


Therefore the top management as well as the facility management (FM) and parts of the Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) have to be taken in consideration. Such a method is called Real Estate Facility Management or RealFM.


Secondary processes

Facility managament includes a lot of so called secondary processes: These are tasks in the tecnical, infrastrucural and commercial field, which are not a central part of the company's main business but are supporting the latter (like building management as part of the Corporate Real Estate Management).


Financial aid 

Specially prime costs for machinery and equipment are covered by this aid.


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