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K&H bank moves into new central on Pest’’s Danube quay

The company TriGránit, which has an interest in several Central and Eastern European estate developers, will construct the new headquarters for the Hungarian bank group K&H. According to the plans, the two wings of the buildings which will be built side by side should be completed by the end of 2011.

The headquarters will not be erected in the dynamic corridor of Váci út, which has become the banking centre of the Hungarian capital, but in the Millenium Quarter in the south of the city, where a gallery centre, a concert hall and the new national theatre helped to develop a new dynamic quarter alongside the Danube on the area of the former cargo railway station.

The bank, which now has its control stations scattered all over Budapest, wants to harbour 1,790 employees on 35,000 square meters in their new headquarters. The new building is constructed like a campus; ecological considerations played a crucial role when planning the edifice.

Already before the grave crisis, which had especially serious implications for Hungary, the focus of estate development in the Hungarian capital shifted towards the south: in the part of Buda, residential construction dominates in the district of Lágymányos, while on Pest's Danube riverbank, the focus lies on office space development. The determining factors, though, are probably two new underground lines, one of which is already under construction, while the planning phase for the other one has just started.

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