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EXPO REAL 2009 - Real Estate Fair in Munich 12.10.09

In 2008 the world of real estate suffered the beginning of the worldwide economic crisis. As a result, this year's edition had fewer visitors - the atmosphere among those present on the other was better.

Successful appearance: The Vienna Region at the EXPO REAL 12.10.09

The Vienna Region and "Aspern Vienna's Urban Lakeside" presented themselves at the Real Estate Fair in Munich: Discussions, simposia and a highly attended event during the first evening.

The CEE-Countries at the EXPO REAL 2009 12.10.09

Given the worldwide crisis, hitting the Central and Eastern European countries in particular, especially developers from Austria were concerned about the CEE-Region. At the EXPO REAL the countries tried to draw interest from new investors.

Austrian Experts Lounge


Exchange of information, networking and interesting Events at the EXPO REAL 09.

CPB becomes EHL


After the managment-buy-out the former CPB changes its name into EHL Immobilien.

New poll - February


(Business-)Life is change - when will you change your business?

Bratislava at EXPO REAL


Bratislava meets heavy expectations at EXPO REAL

Goal: real law firm


Crisis brings many new cases in the fields of restructuring and public placings.

Poll 2008-12-02


Your opinion: What's the best course of action for the recent real estate situation?

Europolis Sale 

Schoenherr advised Volksbank on the 272 million sale of its subsidiary Europolis.


All about the Real Estate Fair in Munich.


ERGO AUSTRIA as new tenant for 10.000m² at Vienna's Marximum.

The Vienna Region 

EXPO: Discussions, simposia and an evening event - The Austrian Experts Lounge

EXPO: CEE-Countries 

A region faces the crisis. Countries from the CEE-Regions presented themselves at the EXPO

CZ: Acquisition 

Real Estate Acquisition in the Czech Republic: Last Obstacles For Foreigners have fallen.

Market Preview Poland 

Developements, Trends and forecast for this important CEE market.

Market Prague 

After benchmark-setting 2007, Prague's residential market suffered a downturn in 2008.

Casino in the boondocks 

Construction of a gambling complex with expansion opportunities at Vienna's doorsteps.

New city for Warsaw 

The broad Plac Defilad in front of Warsaw’’s Palace of Culture has to give way to a city.

Telephone Systems 

When furnishing a new office the right telephone system is of highest importance.

Pros & Cons 

Flexible glass partition walls: All about Pros & Cons

Multi-structure office 

This kind of office unites all office concepts.

Office workshop 

It is a room that constantly changes its appearance.

Group office 

This office form is intended for a larger group of employees.


Schönherr Rechtsanwälte– Your partner for real estate transactions in ECC.

s Immo Invest GS 

s Immo Invest is a stock exchange listed bonus share of Sparkassen Immobilien AG.