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Flexibility, transperency and the costs

Contracts for office buildings are being signed on shorter terms and companies are working more and more procect-related: Employees have to team up for certain periods and are rearranged again afterwards. Office spaces are have to adapted for these new purposes: This can't be done without modern seperating walls and wall systems. But also plasterboardwalls are still being used in areas like stair flights, archives and sanitary areas.


Flexible walls are having disadvantages as well: They cost about 60-70 % more than mobile seperation walls. And what about the advantages: Is it all about the looks?


Advantages when renovating

The first advantages come when it is time to remodel the office spaces: Business can go on as usual, and almost all the elements can still be used. When plasterboardwalls have to be removed instead, all work has to come to a standstill, due to dust and electronic devices like computers are in danger of getting dirty. The removed elements can never be used again (which can add high costs for recycling), and have to be replaced.

Full-value system walls on the other hand can be easily combined with new elements and material: Glass elements can be completed with cloth or wood panels, and single panels can be changed.

All this leads to the conclusion that companies which are putting the emphasis on flexibility, transparency and sustainability are well off, giving second thoughts about which walls are going to be used for their office spaces, apart from costs.

Diagnosis: burnout 

Excessive demands, job-related and private, increasingly become an normal steady state.

Telephone Systems 

When furnishing a new office the right telephone system is of highest importance.

Right kind of office 

The ideal office concept is the result of a thorough analysis of the performed tasks.

Partition walls 

All about partition walls: Which kind is the right one? Which investment pays off?

Different Functions 

Modern partition walls fulfill different functions: From storage room to airconditioning